Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Management

Together with our associates, Northern Bioscience can provide comprehensive fisheries and aquatic resource management services. Jon Tost of North Shore Environmental Services has extensive field and aging experience, and Dr. Peter Colby provides over 40 years of fisheries research experience. We have the expertise to evaluate impacts from bridge and highway developments, hydroelectric projects, pulp and paper mills, and other development.

We can provide the following services:

  • baseline aquatic studies and inventory;
  • short and long-term monitoring related to water quality, fish populations and benthic community composition;
  • mark/recapture, fish spawning and migration studies;
  • effects monitoring and impact assessment in riverine and lacustrine environments;
  • fish/aquatic habitat identification, monitoring, restoration and development;
  • assessment of water crossing structures;
  • aging of fish structures (scales, otoliths, fin rays);
  • statistical analysis of recreational and commercial fisheries data; and
  • preparation/review of fisheries management and rehabilitation plans.

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