Biological Inventory and Monitoring

Northern Bioscience provides biological inventory and monitoring services on a range of taxa Depending on the needs of the client, we can provide species level determinations for most groups.

Some of our inventory/monitoring services include:

  • botanical and floristic surveys and inventories;
  • bird surveys and monitoring e.g., Forest Bird Monitoring, Breeding Bird Surveys, waterfowl and raptor counts, owl surveys;
  • mammal and herpetofaunal surveys and monitoring using a variety of techniques;
  • insect surveys and monitoring (e.g. Lepidoptera, Odonata, Homoptera);
  • molluscs and other benthic invertebrate surverys and biomonitoring;
  • invasive and exotic plant monitoring, assessment, and management plans;
  • vegetation community classification, analysis, aerial photo interpretation, and mapping;
  • biodiversity analysis/indices; and
  • data collection, compilation, and database creation

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