Mining Environmental Assessment and Monitoring

Northern Bioscience can offer a range of services supporting potential or existing mines such as field studies, archaeological surveys, fish habitat assessment, and environmental effects monitoring for fish, benthic invertebrates, water, and sediment quality.

Project Examples

Shebandowan West Environmental Effects Monitoring

Description: Conducted environmental effects monitoring for exposure and control areas for sediments, benthic invertebrate, and fish communities following Environment Canada's (2002) guidance document
Report: Foster, R.F. 2008. Shebandowan West Baseline Aquatic Biological Assessment. Report prepared for North American Palladium Ltd. by Northern Bioscience.
Year: 2007
Client: North American Palladium

Lac des Iles Mine Environmental Effects Monitoring

Description: Conducted assessment of small fish growth and fecundity as per requirements of Environment Canada's 2002 Metal Mining Guidance Document for Aquatic Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM).
Report: Foster, R.F. 2006. Lac des Ile Mine Environmental Effects Monitoring. Unpublished report prepared for North American Palladium.
Year: 2006
Client: Lac Des Iles Mine

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