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Ted Armstrong H.B.Sc., M.Sc.

Ted Armstrong Ted is a wildlife biologist who has worked extensively in the management of wildlife species and their habitat, as well as species at risk recovery throughout his 35 year career with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. In particular he has worked extensively on Woodland Caribou recovery, where he was co-chair of a regional caribou management team as well as the provincial recovery team, and led development of the provincial Caribou Conservation Plan, and Peregrine Falcon recovery, where he was the lead for provincial recovery efforts for almost two decades and provincial representative to the national recovery team. He has also worked for several decades on big game management including Moose harvest and habitat management, White-tailed Deer and Black Bear, and has conducted research on songbird habitat, woodland raptors, and White-tailed Deer. He has coordinated many workshops and task teams focussed on addressing specific identified wildlife and species at risk challenges. Ted has continued to work in species at risk recovery, wildlife inventory and environmental assessment projects in recent years. Ted is a lifelong birder and natural historian who has contributed to and/or helped to coordinate many voluntary wildlife monitoring programs.

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