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Charlie Blackburn

Charlie Blackburn Charlie Blackburn retired from the Ontario Geological Survey in 2000 after 30 years of experience in the Precambrian geology of northwestern Ontario, and co-founded Blackburn Geological Services (BGS). Since then, Charlie has conducted earth science surveys of bedrock and surficial geology in over 25 protected areas for Ontario Parks and the OMNR in association with Northern Bioscience. Recently, BGS has also been heavily involved with detailed bedrock mapping for the mining industry along the north shore of Lake Superior.

Charlie has extensive field-based knowledge of regional and detailed geology of northwestern Ontario, particularly along the north shore of Lake Superior and Kenora-Red Lake areas. All this has been gained from geological mapping at detailed scales, geological compilation, geological reconnaissance and mineral site and property visits, both while mapping as a Field Project Geologist and latterly as Resident Geologist in Kenora and Red Lake. His numerous government reports and maps are used extensively by mineral exploration geologists and prospectors. His academic publications on both regional geology and mineral deposit modeling of the area have aided in the formulation of exploration concepts by mineral industry personnel. Prior to retirement from the provincial government, he was Mineral Development Co-ordinator, Kenora. In this capacity he provided services pertaining to advanced exploration projects designated under the Ontario Mining Act.

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