Vegetation and Ecological Classification

The principals and associates of Northern Bioscience have long been involved in Ecological Land Classification (ELC) development and application. We are coauthors of the Terrestrial and Wetland Ecosites of Northwestern Ontario, Field Guide to the Wetland Ecosystem Classification for Northwestern Ontario, and have been involved for decades in numerous ELC initiatives while in government and consulting. We have applied this knowledge in countless resource development and other projects in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.

Our ELC and terrestrial vegetation services include:

  • collecting baseline plot data used in development of ELC products and long-term monitoring (e.g., protected areas)
  • development of ELC products including data analysis including multivariate data analysis (e.g., TWINSPAN, DERCORANA, MDS, CCA)
  • ELC factsheet production/review
  • use of ELC products in the field and GIS to characterize wildlife habitat
  • invasive plant studies (e.g., Purple Loosestrife)
  • workshops and training

Representative Clients

Our clients have included:

  • Environment Canada - Forestry Canada
  • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
  • Ontario Parks