Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat

Northern Bioscience has extensive expertise and experience in conducting a wide range of wildlife ecology and habitat studies. Where necessary, multi-disciplinary teams consisting of professional biologists, ecologists, foresters, and geographic information systems analysts are assembled to conduct habitat modeling projects.

Some of our wildlife ecology and habitat services include:

  • field surveys for mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects, molluscs, and other invertebrates using standardized and custom methods such as:
    • aerial surveys for moose, wolves, and other large mammals
    • Marsh Monitoring Program (MMP)
    • Forest Bird Monitoring Program (FBMP)
    • Breeding Bird Survey (BBS)
    • Nocturnal Owl Surveys
  • botanical and floristic surveys and inventories
  • invasive and exotic plant monitoring, assessment, and management
  • field surveys and mapping of Significant Wildlife Habitat (SWH)
  • wildlife population research, monitoring, and statistical analysis
  • habitat modelling of marten, moose, caribou and other taxa for forest management planning and resource development
  • Species at Risk (rare, threatened, endangered) reviews and status reports
  • literature reviews, writing, and review of federal and provincial Recovery Strategies, Management Plans, Best Management Practices (BMPs), Important Bird Area (IBA) reports, and guidelines

Representative Clients

Our clients have included:

  • Environment Canada
  • Hydroelectric Industry e.g.,
    • McGraw Falls Power
    • Namewaminikan Hydro / Axor Group Inc.
    • Ontario Power Generation
    • Pic Mobert Hydro Inc.
    • Regional Power Inc.
    • The Power Limited Partnership
    • Xeneca Power Development Inc.
  • Mining Industry e.g.,
    • Citadel Gold Mines Inc.
    • Goldstone Resources (sub to exp Services Inc.)
    • Harte Gold Inc.
    • New Gold / Rainy river Resources (sub to Klohn Crippen Berger)
    • North American Palladium Ltd.
    • Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO)
    • Premier Gold Mines Ltd. (sub to Stantec Consulting Ltd.)
    • Rubicon Minerals Corp.
    • Stillwater Canada Inc. / Marathon PGM
    • TBT Engineering Ltd.
    • Treasury Metals Inc.
    • Villeneuve Construction Co. Ltd.
  • Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN DNR)
  • Non-governmental Organizations
    • Canadian Nature Federation
    • North Shore Steelhead Association
    • Thunder Bay District Stewardship Council
  • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (OMNRF)